Monday, April 18, 2005

Creative People

Really creative people are never exclusive in their interests or hobbies. They usually have many that they cycle through one at a time or in batches and I am a perfect example.

One day, many years ago while at an arts and crafts fair, I was admiring some creations at a booth. Off handedly, I commented to my husband that I had always wanted to learn how to do that particular craft. The craftsman attending the booth said, "You can." "I don't have time," I responded. "Well then, you just need to make time," she replied. I left it at that. How could I explain to her that I had over 50 other interests and that one just wasn't quite interesting enough to add to the list at that point in my life.

I often envy those whose list of interests is short. By short I mean 10 or less. They can focus on their interests rather than flitting around from project to project like I do. They can mass produce things that can then be put up for sale at fairs without burning out or losing interest. But, then I have to remind myself, that while my interests tend to keep my attention hopping from topic to topic, I do know how to do a lot of interesting things and I do return to most of them on a fairly regular basis.

In addition, I benefit from all those interests. I have art on my walls, cloths in my closet, hats, mittens and scarves to keep me warm, embroidered linens, quilts for my bed, and beautiful books to write in that are all a result of my 50+ interests. I'll bet that craftsman doesn't.

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