Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Artist Self

When I allow my artist self to take over I feel liberated and more normal. I spend so much of my time being something else.

I try not to allow creativity to be limited in my life, but for me to be an artist involves taking down my fascades, casting aside my reserve, and exposing my soul. Creative activity means to be me wholly and completely. When I am being a responsible, working adult I usually feel restricted and as if I must shut away an important part of me. It is so hard to recapture that everyday fascade that is so very necessary that it makes it that much harder to remove it in order to create.

Once I get started creating something, I don't want to stop. Not just because I am "in the flow of things" but because I crave the freedom and don't want it to end. There is an energy and perhaps an addiction in the creative process for me as well. However, either the reality that I have to go to work in the morning or sheer exhaustion, eventually forces me to stop and head for bed.

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