Friday, April 29, 2005

Spring Snow

Spring snows remind me that winter isn't quite gone. It falls on the brown grass, two to six inches worth, sometimes ten. Everyone gets out their shovels and removes it from their walks and driveways and pile it on their lawn. Well.... some of us. I tend to leave it alone knowing what will happen.

The sun comes out. It usually comes out that afternoon and sometimes the next day. But it comes out and it has power. The heavy spring snow rapidly melts and then, voila! It reveals the beginning of spring. The grass that was entirely brown the day before now has a striking touch of green. A few days later, there's more snow and the same thing happens. The snow melts back to reveal more green. It only takes one or two snows to make the green spread like paint on a wet piece of paper.

It keeps snowing every week or two through April and May, gradually replaced by rain. But the rain only finishes what the snow starts. The snow is the catalyst for spring because it protects the earth as it falls, melts softly into the ground, and soaks to the roots. Rain would just run off the hard surface of winter. It needs the softening of the spring snow to be able to do it's job in the early summer.

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