Saturday, May 07, 2005

Alternate Forms

It gets really frustrating to not be able to make art. However, I've made the choice to go back to school and that meant putting away most of my art supplies.

I still do a few things just to keep my sanity. I found an old book press for $50 last fall that I used to print our Christmas cards. But that was more time consuming than I can typically afford. I make my own journals, but haven't had the time to really turn anything into a work of art like I've done before. I can't even begin to think about painting. Just getting everything ready to start takes a half hour and it's another half hour to clean up. In addition, once I begin and get in the groove, I really don't want to stop. I could give up sleeping, but I've tried that before. It just turns me into this super-bitch monster that I'd really rather keep deep inside in its cage where it belongs.

So I've had to come up with alternative forms of creativity, albeit low level, in order to keep from going crazy. Decorating my house (although, without a budget, it's hard to do much), needlework of all sorts, sewing projects of all types, writing in my journal, sketching ideas for the future in my sketchbook, etc. Nothing high level, just enough to get me by. As a result we've made a little progress in the home improvement department, we have several very nicely embroidered pillowcases, we have a new denim quilt for our bed (it took me 8 years), I've started to blog (never thought I'd do that ), and I've amassed a lot of great ideas in my sketchbook that I'll make someday. Hmmm... Someday never seems to arrive.

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