Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Collecting: Mine

I'm definitely a collector. So is my husband. We love art and love to collect it. We also love to collect "crafts." I put crafts in quotes because I'm not refering to the kitch stuff you can buy kits for at Hobby Lobby. I'm talking about the stuff that qualifies as art, but since it's not painting, sculpture, or some other form of "high" art, it gets classified as craft.

My husband just got back from a week in New Mexico and he brought back some real treasure. Our miniature pottery collection doubled. Our fetish colleciton tripled. Our Navajo rug collection was increased as well. My jewelry collection (yipee) doubled. He added several pieces to his jewelry inventory. Is it okay to call it jewelry when a man wears it? In addition, he added some antique pieces that we'll never wear, but love to look at. Yes…he definitely went overboard. But it's beautiful stuff. I can't make him take it back and I don't want to.

I just keep hoping that I'll have a neice or nephew who's interested in inheriting all of it some day. Maybe we'll just start a museum like the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos. I'll have to think of a catchy name for it. I've got about 50 years or so to think of one.

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  1. My most recent obsession has been collecting hand carved, bone & bamboo, Mah Jong tile sets. The Flower and Season tiles are especially interesting as each carver expresses him self in a different way. This has required me to try and learn how to decifer Chinese characters, and to understand some of the history of the symbolism that they include.

    Looming on the horizon is a budding interest in Japanese Wood Block prints. We saw a wonderful display at the Chicago Fine Art Institute over Thanksgiving, and I aquired my first piece today. It is two facing pages out of a 1851 book by Hiroshige. See http://www.humi.keio.ac.jp/treasures/jp_prints/tokaido/html/2/07.html.