Sunday, January 08, 2006

Color and Human Response

I thought this was interesting. It's from the book Color and Human Response by Faber Birren. This is not a word for word quote, but a paraphrase from my notes.

In interiors where muscular work may be done and where hazards exist, a bright environment (yellow, coral, orange) is recommended. Accompanied by plenty of light, the human eye will look at and adjust to its surroundings. If the interior is meant for more sedentary tasks, for severe use of the eye or mind, it will be best to reduce the brightness of the environment as a source of distraction. With walls, floors, equipment in medium tones (green, blue-green, beige, terracotta) and with extra light over tasks, people will be better able to concentrate.

Light blue, yellow-green and orange. IQ goes up twelve points. These colors also stimulate alertness and creativity.
White, black, brown. IQ goes down and they also make you duller.
Orange. Improves social behavior, cheers the spirit, lessens traits of hostility and irritability.
Red and other warm colors. They stimulate and increase blood pressure, pulse, and respiration. There is greater skin response adn brain activity. Attention is directed outward toward the environment.
Green and blue. These tend to have a relaxing effect both physiologically and psychologically. The rate of body functions may be lowered, and there may be a greater ability to concentrate inwardly, with less distraction from the environment.

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