Wednesday, February 01, 2006


As every person who invests time in creativy knows, sometimes you have to do research in order to create. Writers often do a lot of research before completing a book so that they get the details right. Illustrators do the same thing. Artists have to do reseach as well in order to be able to communicate to their audience. Even movie makers do research. We've all seen movies that ignored the research and got the details wrong.

So how do you go about doing research? The tried and true method of going to the library still works, of coarse. However, for contemporary information that hasn't made it into a book yet, there's the internet. While there are A LOT of ways of finding information on the internet I will only talk about two in this post. The Clusty search engine is the first one.

Clusty is a search engine that groups its finds into categories so that you don't have to sift through information you don't need. I find it very useful in trying to find more complex information that can get buried under a lot of other unrelated information.

Once you find the site you're looking for, you need to save a link to it. While the Bookmark or Favorites feature of your favorite browser is handy, it doesn't do a whole lot of good if it's not on the computer you happen to be using. Thanks to a special friend of mine I discovered my second research hint, It helps find information by helping collect information. is an online database where you can store your links. It even lets you tag and categorize them. Because it's online, it's available to you from any computer with internet access. While being able to save your links online is a huge bonus, the bigger bonus is the fact that you can see the link lists of others, broadening your research ability. Whenever you post a link, it will show you how many other people have that link posted on their site. If you go check out their link lists you will often find sites that interest you and that you may never have found on your own without a lot of additional time.

If you have found some great ways to locate information on the internet share it here by posting a comment.

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