Monday, March 20, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love fountain pens.

I was introduced to fountain pens in art class in high school. I discovered that I liked the flow of the ink and the flat and even look. So, I bought a cheap Shaeffer pen and kept Peacock Blue ink in it.

I worked at an art store for a year where we sold fine fountain pens. My poor Shaeffer was no longer adequate. Since then I have bought several pens, although nothing too expensive.

I've discovered that each pen I've bought has it's own personality. Its own feel and mark. Even what color ink seems too "match" it. The three in the photo are my favorites.

• The red one, which I'm holding, goes with the red leather sheath to the right of it. The color I put in that one is Waterman's South Seas Blue.
• The one on the far right is a Rotring Core and I usually have black ink in it. Sometimes I try a different color, but I always go back to black.
• The little silver one is my latest acquisition. It's a Speeno and it has a screw on cap and a telescopes to become longer when in use. It only has a bladder which doesn't hold much and so is more for making notes rather than writing or journaling. But because of the size and screw on cap it can go in my pocket. I like to keep brown ink in it.

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