Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moleskine Pen Holder

I've developed a pen holder for my Moleskine. I haven't wanted to "sully" it with the tape versions I've seen and I wanted something more "attached" than the ribbon versions. So I'm testing my idea using card stock and it's worked fairly well and held up a lot better than I anticipated it would.
I took a long narrow strip of card stock and rolled and adhered one end for the pen and folded the other end to tuck into the pocket in the back cover.

Pluses: It sits towards the back of the book and is out of the way when I'm using a pencil. It can be removed if it does get in the way or if I need to transfer it to a new book.
Minuses: I have to hold the book tightly in my left hand to pull the pen out of the holder. This is complicated by the rubber grip on the pen. It is paper and is beginning to tear a little, although not as badly as I thought it would.

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