Thursday, October 26, 2006

Check out my Aunt Margaret

I got a letter from my Aunt Margaret last weekend. She included a clipping from her local newspaper featuring none other than herself.

She volunteers at her local hospital and the mayor decided to give her an award for her years of faithfulness. She's 93 and still going strong. No Country Club membership for her, she wants to continue helping people right up until her days are over. Considering that her aunt lived to be over 100 that could be for quite awhile yet.

My grandmother, her sister, was the same way. Her last days were spent in the final battle against cancer and even though her body lost, her spirit and soul did not. As long as she was mentally able, she continued to care for the people around her. Not just her family, but also her minister, her doctors, and friends. That is a legacy which is priceless.

Aunt Margaret, my hat's off to you. I hope my neices and nephews will feel the same way about me as I do about you.

Monday, October 16, 2006

In the Shadow of Saturn

Here's another photo from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day. WOW!

Helix Nebula

I've always considered nebula as some of the most beautiful things in the universe. It's the incredible shades of color, the subtle depth and transparency, and the mind-blowing sizes that really grab me.

NASA has an Astronomy Picture of the Day site and that's where you can see the following two images of what has become known as "The Eye of God."

Here's a photo of the Helix Nebula from 2003 taken by Nasa.
Here's one taken in 2000.