Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Cards

This year's Christmas cards are finally done. I did a limited edition print (hand printed, not machine printed) based on a drawing I did while at the in-laws for Thanksgiving last year. I posted it last Christmas.

So, last Saturday, I sat down to print this year's cards. After transferring the drawing to the linoleum, I cut away everything I didn't want to print.

Then I mixed my ink. I like to use a brown color that is almost black and very close to the color of dark chocolate.

Then I inked up the linoleum using a brayer or roller and put it in my book press. The book press is for putting books in during the gluing process to keep the boards from warping, but it also works very well as a printing press.

After I have pulled the print and block (which are stuck together) out of the press, I peel them apart.

Here are the first thirteen out of a total of 83 that I printed. 83 is where I ran out of energy and I knew I had enough plus extras to send to our entire list.

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