Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Travel Journal Instructions

Book board or good quality matboard
Decorative paper
Drawing paper
Card stock
Linen binding thread
Paper or plastic CD sleeve

X-acto blade
Cutting mat
Metal ruler
Curved needle
Glue brush

Book boards- cut 2 at 5"x6"
Drawing paper- cut 35 at 10"x6"
Cover stock- cut 7 at 2"x6"
Decorative paper- cut 2 at 6"x8" and 2 at 4 7/8"x5 7/8"
Linen binding thread- cut 1 at 80"

Drawing paper- fold in half to a finished size of 5"x6"
Cover stock- fold in half to a finished size of 1"x6"

Signatures- starting with the cover stock as the base stack 5 sheets of the prepared drawing paper. You should have 7 signatures when you're done.
Covers- glue the larger sheets centered on to the boards. Fold the corners of the paper around the board and glue. Fold up the sides and glue. Glue the smaller sheets on the side of the boards that have the folded edges.
Binding- mark the holes for sewing on the boards about 1/8" in from the edge. Mark where the holes go inside each signature on the inside fold. Then, using the awl, pierce each hole. Thread your needle and sew everything together using the coptic stitch.

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