Monday, February 05, 2007

Travel Journals

Wikipedia defines travel journals this way:

A travel journal, or road journal or travelogue , is an initially blank book carried by a traveler for the purpose of documenting a journey. Clippings, tokens, or tickets may be included as they are collected. The journal may also include notes written by acquaintances. Some journals feature hand-drawn illustrations, or even watercolors, of friends and places. A travelogue may also contains details of bad experiences.

How to Keep a Travel Journal:
Do you keep a travel journal? For those that already do then I'm preaching to the choir here but maybe I can offer some new ideas. And for those who don't...I mean, you really should. Because you think you'll remember that hilarious interaction with a local character or those amazing, off-the-beaten path dining spots...but maybe you won't.

My favorite ready-made journal:
The 3.5"x5.5" lined pocket Moleskine.

All time favorite travel journal? Handmade by me.

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