Monday, March 12, 2007

Nano Pouch

When I got my iPod Nano for Christmas I couldn't find a pouch for it that I liked. So I crocheted one and I'd like to share it.

I used a technique called tapestry crochet. When I get a picture taken of it, I'll post it, but for now you'll have to use your imagination.

I used some scrap silk I had in a purple-maroon and white to create a triangle pattern like that on the web site I liked to above. I used an E crochet hook. Check the size after you've done a few rows to make sure it fits.

Using color A, ch 14.
Row 1: With first color (A) sc in 2nd ch from hook and continue across putting 2 sc in last chain. Round the corner to put and additional 14 sc in the other side putting the last 2 sc in the last ch. 28 sc. Do not join.
Row 2: Add second color (B) by sc around on top of it with the first color (A). Do not join.
Row 3: Using tapestry technique, sc in color A. (Pick up in A and finish in B.) 6 sc in B, 1 sc in A. Continue around to create 4 sections of B.
Row 4: On top of previous row, put 1 A on top of A in previous row, 5 sc in B, 2 sc in A, continue around.
Rows 5-8: Continue reducing number of B sc and increasing A sc by one every row. It will form a triangle pattern.
Row 9: Sc around with A.
Rows 10-28: Repeat rows 3 through 9.
Row 29: Dc around and tie off.

Crochet a drawstring that is 7 to 8 inches long. Thread through dc and tie together. Add a decorative bead if desired.
Crochet a neck string 30 inches long or to desired length. Secure to top sides of pouch below the dc row.

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