Friday, June 08, 2007


The Air Force Academy graduation is a big deal here.

The Thunderbirds put on quite a show and people from all the businesses just across the interstate from the Academy stadium set themselves up out in the parking lot or at a well positioned window in order to watch the show.

I took this picture from the 3rd floor of the Oracle building.


You know spring has arrived when the babies start appearing. These two live next door to where I work.

I’ve Discovered a New Line of Bags

Those who know me well know that I have a container fetish. I love boxes, bags, bowls, envelopes, etc. While we were in Maine we ran across these bags from International Arrivals in an art store in Camden. They are the perfect size for Moleskines. We bought both the large and small size.

As you can see here, I managed to fit my sketch kit in one. They’re gusseted and expand to about 1.5” with a zipper closure. There are 2 side pockets. A zippered mesh one and one with a velcro closure.

In my big one I keep my large sketch moleskine with a ruler and felt tip pen in the mesh pocket. It's big enough for me to also add a reading book to it.

While browsing the Denver Art Museum shop a couple weeks ago, we found them again. Except this time they also had the foam ones that International Arrivals makes. Great for electronic stuff like palms, iPods, and cords and accessories for all of the above.

Maine Vacation

We went to Maine for vacation this year. We really enjoyed our trip to Maine a few years ago, so we decided to go explore some more. I didn’t get much sketching done, but I did get some great pictures with my new camera.

It’s a Canon Powershot (last year’s model) and has a selective color setting. You can pick a color and set a color tolerance range. What happens is that when you take the picture, the color you choose is the only color. Everything else is black and white. The more color tolerance you allow, the wider the range of color. It’s pretty cool and really sparks the creativity.

One thing I find fascinating is the tidal pools and I took a lot of pictures of these in addition to the ocean and the local wildlife.

The Beginnings of a Postcard Collection

I have the beginnings of my African postcard collection.

While on vacation in May, I kept my eye out for them at antique stores and used book stores. I came home with 12 and they are all from either Egypt or Algeria.

I didn’t buy every single one I found, just the ones that I felt were affordable ($2 or less) and were very interesting.

Only one of the 12 was actually mailed and is dated April 1950. It says, “We don’t even know where we are, but we’re having a darn good Easter vacation!”