Monday, July 23, 2007

Recent Sketches

We went up Boreas Pass today. Due to a bum foot I didn't hike, but I heard it was a good one. I sketched in my watercolor Moleskine instead.

This is at the top of the pass.

This is was done just below the pass on the Breckenridge side.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Wool Allergy

Because I am allergic to sheep's wool I gave it up 10 years ago and I've really missed it. But I'm not allergic to Churro and I talk about my discovery in my July 25th, 2006 post.

So I bought some more Churro at the annual Estes Park Wool Market to add to what I bought last summer and last January. I also bought some Merino. Am I nuts?

I got to thinking about this allergy of mine. What do I know for sure?
1. I'm allergic to the most commonly used breeds which originate in wet/cool climates.
2. I'm not allergic to Churro which thrives in a dry/hot climate.
3. Merino is a dry/hot climate sheep. Am I allergic to it? Maybe not.

That's why I bought the Merino to test my reaction to it. I have it on my drop spindle and so far so good. If I continue to lack an allergic reaction to it.... Well a whole new world of wool possibilities has just opened up. I've done a little research and find that both Churro and Merino can be traced back to ...(drum roll please).... Spain!

So it would appear that I'm not allergic to Spanish sheep. Is anyone else out there like me? Has anyone done any research on it?