Friday, October 26, 2007


I pulled out one of my old Moleskines to read some of the entries I had made. Especially the ones that I wrote on a camping or vacation trip.

It was amazing how even the briefest descriptive notes brought back some wonderful memories and really got my imagination going so that I could see the places and events clearly in my mind. It was really refreshing to delve into those memories that I had forgotten until I read my journal.

So, I suppose this is a plug for keeping any sort of journal to help you keep from forgetting memories, ideas, and dreams. It's so good to go back and read parts that can energize your imagination and purpose for doing it.

I think that we rely to heavily on our cameras to remind us of things like people and places. A journal isn't just words, its a description of what you see, experience, think, and feel that is very difficult to communicate with just a photograph.

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