Monday, January 21, 2008

Easy Green

Here's an easy green thing: Take only one or two napkins!!!

Are you one of those people who grabs a whole handful of napkins when you go to the fast food restaurant? How many of them do you throw away after not using them?

Well, STOP IT!

If you actually use more than 2 and you're older than 10, I'd say you need to work on your table manners.

Take the time to only pull out one or two and if you get messy in spite of your best efforts, go back and get a couple more.

One place where it's hard to control the number of napkins you get is the drive through. So here's a couple of ideas.
• If you eat in the car, stick the extras in the glove compartment or center compartment for when you need a paper towel, napkin, or facial tissue.
• If you take it home, put the extras where you can use them for other meals. There's no reason you can't use them for non-fast food meals at home. If you eat fast food regularly, you'll never have to buy napkins again.

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