Monday, February 18, 2008

Flogging a Dead Horse

I have officially applied to Grad school and have been enjoying my free time. However, I need to go back to research to keep from going too soft. So I'm going to make an attempt at something I've always wanted to do: Flog a dead horse.

When I was a kid we lived in Cameroon. One day, in 1973, a white Combie went through our village and the all men stood along the road dressed in their best clothes, firing their guns in salute.

A couple of days later we were invited to the Fon's palace to celebrate the return on the Afo-A-Kom. If you can find a copy, you could see a few pictures of the occasion in the July 1974 issue of National Geographic. However, here's some pictures my Dad took of the occasion.

I'm the tall white one in the middle of the picture. The red man to the left is the Fon (King) of Liakom sitting on his throne stool.

The Afo-A-Kom is the red beaded figure in the center.

These are women of the court.

While there has been a lot of scholarship done on this object and the controversy surrounding it, I've decided to have a go at it. I think I may have a different perspective.