Sunday, June 01, 2008


I spent Saturday cleaning up my front yard garden. Due to weather, weddings, and surgery I haven't had the chance to do it until now and it REALLY needed work.

I set to work with the gloves and snippers on the dead stems and branches. I also spent a lot of time pulling and digging up weeds. Because of my delay getting to the task, the debris had accumulated to an excessive degree.

As I was going about it, the thought occurred to me that we must often do the same thing in our creative endeavors. As we are carried along in our creative fervor, it is easy to loose site of the whole as we focus on the details.

When we finally step back from our work it is often hard to be objective in assessing our work. However, it is critical that we do so and take care of what needs to be cut out or changed.

The result is hopefully the same as what is happening in my garden. The clutter is removed leaving only beauty.

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