Tuesday, December 30, 2008


With another resolution in mind, I purchased a book at the Denver Art Museum while there on Saturday.

It's called Art and Craft in Africa by Laure Meyer and it looks very interesting. When my studio make over has settled down a bit, I'll have to take the time to read it.

Here's a quote from the first line of the introduction.

"It has often been said that the "objet d'art" in the European sense - that is, and object created more for the sake of its beauty than its utility - does not exist in Africa. Yet perhaps nowhere is the art of the object and the love of aesthetic form so present in daily life as it is in Africa."

Redecorating and Organizing

As part of my New Year resolutions I'm getting my studio back in working order. Step one is well under way.

I purchased a white melamine storage cabinet and have been painting it before assembling. I have some bookshelves that are a very dark rosewood color and 2 carved plaques on the wall that are mahogany. So I chose a paint color close to the mahogany.

As I was painting last night, I realized that the color reminds me of the dirt roads in Cameroon. Since my studio has my African art in it, I felt it was appropriate.

Since the cabinet is made from pressed wood it is REALLY heavy. I purchased some Mighty Mover Furniture Sliders that should help move it around without throwing my husband's back out or dropping it on my toes.

When I worked at a frame shop we had these on the legs of a table with computer and printer on it. That table floated over the carpet so easily we never had to worry about it. I'm hoping to get the same results with the cabinet.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Year Resolutions

I resolve to get back into going to Tai Chi 3 times a week. I've gotten out of that in the last 2 months due to work and personal circumstances that have left my plate too full. Something had to give.

I resolve to renew my interest in African Art History. That took a hit this last year and so now I need to take it up again. Perhaps not as earnestly, but certainly on a more active basis than I have been.

I resolve to create more art this year. I've come up with some ideas for combining my fiber fascination with my book fascination and plan to explore that more. I'm moving my print stuff into the studio so that I can do some printmaking this year as well.

With that in mind...

I resolve to get my studio back in working order. I've avoided it as a place to create most of the year for personal reasons and it's time to forge ahead.
I'm getting a new storage cabinet today that should help free up space and help store materials much more efficiently. I need to get it primed and painted to match my studio decor over Christmas break.
I have plans for new work tables and need to rearrange the furniture I have to be sure that my plans will work. I hope to build a new desk, a work table big enough for my flat drawer space to fit underneath, and a taller work table with a drop leaf work space.
I'm moving as much of my creative pursuits into that room as possible. Some of it is out in the family room and I'd like to make that space available for my husband to move most of his silversmithing indoors.
I'm going to try and work my creative pursuits around materials I already have. My flat drawers are overflowing with wonderful decorative and art papers. I have empty frames waiting to be filled with art that fits. I have fabric just waiting to be turned into something special whether utilitarian or artistic. There's no reason to go buy more stuff to make things out of.

And out of that...

I resolve to come up with a business plan for an Etsy store. This is going to be the tough one.
• I need to design a look and feel as well as page templates and pattern templates.
• I want to start out with some prints and possibly develop a few knitting and crochet patterns for people to download. I'll build from there, hopefully with some stash-busting art.