Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Redecorating and Organizing

As part of my New Year resolutions I'm getting my studio back in working order. Step one is well under way.

I purchased a white melamine storage cabinet and have been painting it before assembling. I have some bookshelves that are a very dark rosewood color and 2 carved plaques on the wall that are mahogany. So I chose a paint color close to the mahogany.

As I was painting last night, I realized that the color reminds me of the dirt roads in Cameroon. Since my studio has my African art in it, I felt it was appropriate.

Since the cabinet is made from pressed wood it is REALLY heavy. I purchased some Mighty Mover Furniture Sliders that should help move it around without throwing my husband's back out or dropping it on my toes.

When I worked at a frame shop we had these on the legs of a table with computer and printer on it. That table floated over the carpet so easily we never had to worry about it. I'm hoping to get the same results with the cabinet.

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