Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Resolution Progress

In an earlier post I talked about some goals/resolutions for the year. Here's a little update to keep me accountable.

My studio is rearranged, but still in disarray. I have too many UFOs (UnFinished Projects). So I need to work on those and get them out of the way so that I have room for the things I haven't begun yet.

I have finished the painting, building, and installation of the storage cabinet I bought. I'm still working on filling it. It's full, but some of the containers need labeling and organizing.

I have purchased the stain and 9 of the legs for my new work tables and desk. I'm purchasing the parts as I have money.

I've purchased new outlet covers to stain and install when I've got other things out of the way.

And it's only February!

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