Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recycling Crafts: Making bags From Grocery Bags and Old Towels

I've been doing an investigation of recycling crafts and find that most stuff is not up to my standards. Some of it takes junk and makes junk. Some of it, I'm just not interested in. But I have run across an idea that I like and has me making and thinking.

I ran across this pattern for a bag crocheted from plarn. Plarn is yarn made from plastic grocery bags. I lost the printout I had, so mine doesn't look like the pattern but is still quite functional and has motivated me to collect grocery bags that my friends have collected and don't know what to do with since they started using reusable bags.

So I've been trying to look at stuff or trash and try to think of a reuse.

I have some old towels that I haven't thrown out because I've been trying to figure out how to reuse them. The fabric is good, but the dye has leached out in places and there are snags everywhere. So I thought I'd try turning it into yarn to make into a bag as well.

It's working. I cut off the seams on both ends and then started to cut a 1/4" strip but left the last 1/4" from the edge uncut. Then I started cutting from that edge and what I have is a zig zag of 1/4" wide terry cloth yarn. (Tarn?)

I grabbed my size P hook and have begun crocheting it into a bag. My guess is that one towel will make one bag. I'll post a link or photo when I'm done.

If you decide to try this, do it someplace easy to clean up. The terry cloth loops that get cut end up all over the place. In addition, please note that this is hard on the hands. Just cutting the heavy terry cloth (they were quality towels) was a strain, but so is the crocheting.

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