Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Travel Packing

With an upcoming trip (July) to Uganda to visit our sponsored child, I'm obsessing about my packing list.

I like to look at lists people post in blogs since there are many of us who obsess about packing as lightly as possible. One of the things that I've noticed is that 99% of the lists I see are guys on short business trips. Occasionally I'll see a posting about a woman's light packing, but rarely will there be a list.

Perhaps, because women often require a little more on their packing list, they might feel a little self conscious. For those of you who don't know why, women's packing lists can be a little longer for a few reasons. One reason is that social acceptance requires some level of style in the form of hair, make-up, and clothing that is often higher maintenance than for men.
~Women's hairstyles are usually more maintenance than most men's. I have personally gone quite short, but still need it longer on top to prevent a military recruit look.
~If you have blond eyelashes like I do, it's almost mandatory to wear mascara.
~For a woman on a business trip the "nice looking" travel pants and shirts a lot of men can get away with just aren't acceptable attire.

Since this list is for a trip to a non-Western country, where hotel freebies and drugstore shopping are not to be counted on, it is more extensive than if I were going to Europe. We will be traveling for 14 days, so we'll be doing laundry. In addition, I've tried to keep my attire at a socially acceptable level for Ugandan culture. Not paying attention to this is a mistake a lot of people make.

Dress Shirt, long-sleeved shirt, short sleeved shirts (4), wrap (for warmth), bras (2), undies (5), nylon pants that button up to capri length, nylon skirt (reversible), Crocs, socks (2), swim suit (for waterpark with kids), Merrill sandals, Wallaroo Hat, sleeping attire, arch Supports (to keep the feet happy).

Facial care: minimum required to keep acne away.
Makeup: mascara and eyeliner
Tools: mascara comb (I want to prevent the Tammy Faye Baker look), nail clippers, toothbrush, comb, razor
Other: Soap, sunscreen, insect repellent, tylenol, lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, malaria pills, deoderant, prescription meds, Pepto Bismal, Imodium tablets, small first aid kit

Umbrella (packs smaller and more effective than jacket), sunglasses, travel clock, sewing kit and safety pins, laundry soap and sink stopper, iPhone, personal snacks, camera w/extra batteries, clothesline, LED light, water bottle, travel tournal/pen/pencil, passport, neck pouch.

Gifts for our sponsored child:
TBD: toothbrushes, matchbox cars...small, light, stuff.

Service project items:
2 packages of construction paper
4 lrg boxes of crayons
12-16 glue sticks
12 small children's scissors
2 tablets of drawing paper
Lots of stickers

Extras if I have room:
Book for the plane ride.
Pogo printer, cord, and paper for the travel journal

Since all of this will not fit in my carry-on bag, we will have to have a checked bag. However, that will free up space for souvenirs. I'll let you know how it goes.

My carry-on bag weighs less than a pound, so I'm going to see how full I can get it and weigh it. I like to stay under 12 lbs. I will also take a day bag for carrying the camera, snacks, waterbottle, and other things we will need during the day. I plan on packing that in my main bag and only using it once we get there.

Stay tuned.

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