Thursday, August 06, 2009

Home Visit

On day two of our stay in Uganda we visited a Compassion International child development center outside of Kampala. Part of our visit included splitting up into smaller groups to visit homes of some of the children. It was an opportunity for us to see what real, extreme poverty is and the people we visited were honored to have us come. It was a humbling experience.

"We were taken on home visits. Our home was a woman with 5 kids, although not all lived with her. She was a squatter when her house was torn down because the land had been sold. However, the land owner chose to give her a small piece of the land that was next to her sister's. So she and her children are living with her sister while she builds her house. Since she can only build as she has money, it's taking months to complete.

The picture above shows her with her grandson (her daughter is 15) peeling a matoke banana." (Excerpt from Uganda journal.)

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