Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hope and a Future

Compassion International does the full spectrum. Starting with the Child Survival Program to assist moms and their babies, the core Child Development Program for school age kids, and finally the Leadership Development Program to send the exceptional students to university. In the developing world a university degree guarantees a job, thus ending the cycle of poverty. We met a lot of the graduates from the Child Development Program who went or were going to university not only to get a job and end their family cycle of poverty, but to go back to their communities to help those still in it. They are amazing!

"We drove to Uganda Christian University and met several LDP students. We met in a room in the chapel building. A representative of the university talked and then the Compassion staff person. She introduced all the students to us and had 5 speak about their testimony. When they were done, they each took 1-3 people from our group on a short tour of campus. It was a student named Yvette who took us around. She showed us the cafeteria, laundry area, dorms, some of the buildings with classrooms, the soccer field, and the library. It was fun to talk to her and exchange questions about college, our countries, and ourselves. Everyone met up at the beautiful fountain by the entrance gate and we took pictures of everyone. They have about 7000 students on campus and about 153 of them are LDP students." (Excerpt from Uganda journal.)

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