Friday, January 22, 2010

People I Envy Most

I realized today, as I've been sitting here racked with fever and chills (some magnificent pills have taken care of the debilitating pain), that some of the people I envy most are fictional TV characters.

The ones I'm thinking of are intelligent, creative, tell the truth, get to do what is their heart's calling, and get paid for it all. I'm sure I don't have to give examples since you are all thinking of someone already. But just in case, here's some hints. Of the many I'm thinking of, one's a forensic anthropologist and another is a math professor. Some movie examples would be an anthropologist who hates Nazis and a suave secret agent.

Yes, yes, I know. They encounter troubles, too: people who disagree with them, people who don't get it, along with bad guys every episode and a few who try to kill them. But the great thing about fiction is it has to all work out in the end. And no matter what they go through, people care and want to hear about it and help. The good guys always win.

Ah well, back to reality. Shut up and put up.

On the other hand, those pain pills are supposed to cause hallucinations in some people. Hmmm. So when do they start?

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