Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unusual Design

I'm smitten by this shop on Etsy. It's a woman named Clarice who makes beautiful "bubble" shawls and scarves. It seems she lives in Turkey.

It makes me wonder. There are some incredible crochet and other needlework traditions in Turkey that seem to be alive and well, but it's hard to find anything but pictures by Turkish women who are keeping it alive.

From what I can tell, part of the problem with finding information is how the tradition is carried on. By learning to do the basics, learning to really see how something is made, and using a swatch as your pattern.

I've been crocheting a long time and can often look at things and see how they are made to the point of writing a pattern. My Mom taught me, my brother, and sister how to see. That's a tradition that's almost lost in American culture. It seems that we've gotten to the point that everything must be handed to us.

Where's the fun in that?

My challenge to myself from this? I'm going to go get my crochet hook and see if I can figure out how Clarice does those bubbles.

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