Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inventions That Make a Difference: Hippo Water Roller

The second water idea that I like from Design Revolution: 1001 Products That Empower People by Emily Pilloton is the Hippo Water Roller designed by South Africans Johan Jonker and Pettie Petzer.

It's basically a big plastic barrel with a old fashioned lawn mower handle. You roll it to your local water source, fill it up, and roll it home. It holds about 24 gallons of water which is enough for a family of five for a week.

They say that even though it weighs 40 pounds when full, a child can use it on flat terrain. They have also observed that the level of "coolness" is high enough to get the men fetching water. Needless to say, that frees up a lot of time for Moms and daughters to start businesses and go to school.

Check it out here.

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