Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inventions That Make a Difference: SinkPositive

Here's a great idea for conserving water in Design Revolution: 1001 Products That Empower People by Emily Pilloton for those of us with toilets.

It's called SinkPositive and it can transform any regular toilet tank into a sink. Basically it's a tank lid with a faucet and a sink.

This is how it works. You've done your business and you're ready to flush the toilet. When you flip that little lever, the toilet's normal flush and refill cycle causes the faucet to spout water for washing your hands. It drains down a hole into the tank where it's used to refill your toilet bowl and tank for the next use.

You don't need clean fresh water for your toilet, so by using the SinkPositive you're getting double use out of the water you're going to use anyway and using less of it. Lower water bills, here we come!

You can get one here.

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