Friday, September 17, 2010

Ideas to Give Away: Motel Art Cooperative

Since I've been inspired by my previous post, I'm going to start telling you about ideas that I have. They're available to anyone who wants to pursue them. I'll keep the ones for me to myself.

Idea: Motel Art Cooperative
Every now and then I see one those motels where there's a house/office in the middle surrounded or backed by small room units that's kind of run down and lonely. I can't help but think that it could make a great art cooperative.

Imagine this: The house/office becomes a retail gallery space. The rooms become studio space. Every one of them has running water and a bathroom and the room is often large enough for the average artist looking for space.

Those who rent the studios can show their work in the retail gallery and help to run it just like a regular art cooperative. If there is space on the grounds, a garden to house larger sculptures could be created, giving the whole space an inviting feel to passers by.

It's also an ideal situation for a studio walk since you could visit 15-40 artists very easily, moving from room to room. Most motels are grouped in the same area, making other businesses within that cluster likely to succeed with the touristy crowd.

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