Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bee Gees

It's another flashback. The radio was on because I needed to get my mind off of work so I could start thinking about what I needed to do in pottery class. The radio program played a brief snippet of a Bee Gees song and I flashed back to boarding school.

When I was in 6th through 8th grade I shared a room with 3 other girls at Woyke House. We were either elementary or junior high aged. The other girls room was for the high schoolers and it was like a different world. The walls were covered in posters and music played from their cassette tape players. The girls were Americans, Canadians, Brits, and Fijians depending on the semester. The posters were of the hottest disco era artists such as the Village People and the Bee Gees.

The Bee Gees album "Saturday Night Fever" was new and it got played a lot. I didn't know there was a movie since we didn't have a movie theater, but we all knew who the Bee Gees were and loved listening to their music. The boys would sing in falsetto and the girls learned all the latest dance moves. (Don't tell anyone. It was against the Woyke House rules to dance.) Someone even brought a strobe light from Europe or North America that was used at school events and "birthday" parties since we didn't have a disco ball.

Since keeping our Pop culture experience up to date was reliant on those of us just returning from "home" in North America or Europe, we were always a little behind. So when my family came back to the States in the middle of eighth grade, it was rather unnerving to find that no one was obsessed with the Bee Gees anymore and had moved on to other groups and fashions. I never did quite get caught up.

It took me forever to figure out who Journey, Genesis, U2, Van Hallen, Prince, Michael Jackson, and Metallica were. And by the time I did, most people didn't care about them anymore because they'd already moved on to Madonna, Pink Floyd, and the Talking Heads. And so I've given up. I'm finding that I'm too old to relate to some of the newer bands and I get fed up with the spacey DJs, so I just listen to stuff I like.

I think I've gone from out-of-sync kid-from-Africa to too-old-to-care forty-something.

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