Thursday, June 23, 2011

Becoming Mom

As we grow older we find ourselves gradually turning into our parents. I am no exception to that. The older I get, the more like my Mom, my Dad, my grandmothers, and my aunts I become. Sometimes it's okay. Sometimes it's embarrassing and I just have to resolve myself to it. But sometimes it just feels weird, like I'm trespassing. Especially when I find myself turning into Mom.

I'm typing up my journal from the trip Honey and I took to Uganda in 2009. As I type it stirs up the happy memories from the trip as well as the memories that trip resurrected from my childhood. I came back to the point in our trip where we were preparing to go to bed in Lira, northern Uganda. The mosquitoes were bad and we definitely needed the mosquito net provided.

"Then with Honey in bed, I tucked in the net and got in myself."

I remember that as I tucked in the net around the edge of the bed that it was Mom who had done that the last time I had slept under one. Somehow it felt like I was all grown up. Never mind the fact that I was 42 at the time.

I guess there are just some things that become the domain of our elders and when we enter into that domain ourselves, it feels strange.

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