Monday, November 07, 2011

Inventions That Make a Difference: LuminAID

It's been a long time since I did an Inventions That Make a Difference post. So here's something I ran across today.

LuminAID inflatable solar lights.

It's a flat piece of plastic with a hole to inflate it. On one side is a film thin solar panel with a place for 2 coin cell rechargeable batteries. It's a great idea and puts out a lot of light. Especially for disaster areas.

The only long term drawback I see is the batteries. How long do they last before they need to be replaced? If they have to be replaced, or the light itself has to be replaced, how do you go about doing that in a long term, developing world situation? Solar is awesome until your batteries wear out and you can't replace them. Then you're back where you started.

If you're interested, they are seeking funding for further development. If you are part of an NGO interested in using something like this, give them your feedback. They will appreciate it.

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