Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life Map

I'm part of a women's mentoring group at work and for our next meeting we've been asked to create a life map. Basically it's timeline of your life with significant events listed in order.

Then, over the top of it we've been asked to create a zig zag line connecting points that indicate how close we felt to God at each of those times in our lives. I finished my timeline done and found that it really made some things stand out. They were things I already knew, but suddenly I feel like I understand them better.

1. The word MOVE is in most of the significant events I listed. When I noticed that fact I decided to list all the moves I had experienced and made a startling discovery. I moved about 18+ times the first 18 years of my life and I've moved 30+ times in the 45 years I've lived.

2. I've had 3 times in my life that I consider to be the worse. So much so that I've named them. The Year of Fear, The Year of Repatriation, and The Time of Great Grieving and Loss.

When it came time for me to put my points with the connecting line to indicate how close I felt to God I really struggled. I've always known God was there for me and I don't describe it (to myself) in terms of closeness. I realized that I describe it in terms of Psalm 23. So that's what I used.

For one end I wrote Valley of the Shadow of Death. That's where the dots for the worse times of my life are. For the other end I wrote Green Pastures/Still Waters.

It's been an interesting exercise and I would encourage you to try it. What stands out for you? What brings some clarity to how you see yourself and the patterns of your life? Can you see what might have influenced you to arrive at where you are today?

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