Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hope for Haiti in a Native Son

If Haiti is to rise from the depths it has sunk, that ability will ultimately have to come from its own people. No country can change for the better with only outsiders trying to facilitate change. But, sadly, most of those with a better vision for Haiti have no access to the hope and resources it takes to change a country.

So, when Beguen Theus was elected to Haiti's parliament, a lot of people got a ray of hope. Let's join them in that hope; that a native son can make enough change happen to give more Haitians hope and the courage to take action with the resources they have.

He has risen from poverty himself with the assistance and encouragement of a Compassion sponsor. Someone who believed in his value as a human being and his potential as a citizen of his country.

It's not easy though. There are still too many in power more interested in that power and the perks and money that comes with it than in helping their nation rise from the rubble and ashes of the earthquake and of devastating poverty.

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