Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Travel Funnies

I'm traveling this week and I love to watch the world go by. Inevitably there are things or people who amuse me.

On this trip I traveled to New Orleans via Houston. The Houston airport was where I saw some funnies.

Now, when traveling through Texas you just have to expect to see "important" guys in hats and boots and I saw several of them, seeming traveling together, in the Houston airport. They all had their boots, straw hats, and prize belt buckles on. That wasn't the funny part since, being from Colorado, that's not particularly unusual. What was funny wasn't even the fact that they were wearing jeans with their suit jackets. We do that in Colorado, too.

What was funny was the crisply press jeans. Jeans weren't made to be pressed. Even funnier were the fade lines from the pressing. Yes, they've had those jeans press (and starched?) so many times that the crease was faded.

Gotta laugh.

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