Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Most Important People In My LIfe: Thankful!

One thing I have learned and begun to think a lot about is who the most important people in my life are.

My family!

I've always known it deep down, but now I'm really focusing on it as a way to move into my future.

My immediate family get a long really well and always have. We've always been there for each other and even our spouses fit in really well. I wouldn't be who and where I am without them. We REALLY love each other. How many people can say that?

Even a lot of my extended family can be included in that family circle of importance. Aunts, uncles, and cousins who have all loved me and allowed me to love them in our unique ways.

My family has never insisted I be anyone but who I am and who I was made to be. They never undervalued who I am or tried to push me into becoming something else.

Something even more wonderful? I see that legacy of love being carried down to the next generation.

For all of that, I'm very, very grateful.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Rediscovering My Style

A part of my "recovery" from a job that took everything from me leaving nothing has been rediscovering and growing my own style in a lot of ways.

One area I've been having fun with can fall into the category of illustration. As a fiber artist who crochets, knits, weaves, spins, and dyes I can't help but appreciate some of the puns in the English language that are direct descendants of those areas of industry.

Soooo...I decided to design some t-shirts. I've been wanting to do it for a long time and having finally found a subject matter (fiber arts) to inspire me, I had to figure out how to express it.

First, I had to take a look back at things I did a long time ago that I still like and feel a kinship to as an artist. What I found were the black and white works of art that were either drawn with pen and ink or cut from a wood or linoleum block and printed.

Second, I took a look at the tools available to me now. I LOVE drawing on my iPad when it's something that needs to be on my computer later. I use a wonderful app called ProCreate and a stylus to draw whatever I want. It uses layers which are really handy and offers all types of "tools" like markers, paint, pencils. All virtual of course, but they work really well.

Third, I started writing down all the fun fiber puns I could think of. I want to illustrate the fiber meaning while tapping into the mainstream usage. For example: "I spin a good yarn." It's illustrated with a drop spindle and yarn hank but in mainstream language it means that you tell a good story. Doing it this way makes it kind of an inside joke for spinners.

Fourth, I got on my iPad and started drawing the illustrations. It's just as time consuming as drawing with pen and ink, but when I'm done I can just send it over to my computer where I upload it into Illustrator for the typography to be added.

Fifth,....typography. There's something else I haven't done in a long time. For now I think simplicity is the best option.

Sixth, as they're done they'll be posted in my Zazzle store. I'm not advertising it much yet because that brings up a whole new set of things to work on. Like writing descriptions...yuck!
For now, it is what it is and you can check it out even though it's not "ready."